Open Blackboard

Processing, Processing.js, P5, JavaScript, Arduino, OpenSimulator, Logo

Stair Ball Game, Processing.js

Arduino shield
for Neopixel with LightLogo

LightLogo Curriculum

LogoTurtle, with
Josh Burker and Brian Silverman

LilyPad Arduino
E-Textile shirt project

Project How-to

Color Picker, Processing.js

Color Slider, Processing.js

Audio Player, P5

Polygons, Processing.js

Circular Patterns, Processing.js

Doge-vision, P5

Here Comes Santa, Processing.js

Shape Tiler, Processing.js

Standalone version
for WaterColorBot

Image fader, Processing.js

Your browser does not support the canvas tag.

Source code: imageFader

Built with Processing and Processing.js

Hexadecimal values
for the Super Cricket
microcomputer LED display, JavaScript

this thing

Mars Simulation, OpenSimulator OAR

Stars: Big Dipper, Processing.js

ElectroLuminescent Wire Student Projects:

Arduino Color Slider

Old stuff



tumblr: LightLogo