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Use It


Pixel By Numbers, Processing

Erin Riley's idea, my code

Shape Tiler, Processing.js

Standalone version
for WaterColorBot

Color Picker, Processing.js

Color Slider, Processing.js

Polygons, Processing.js

Circular Patterns, Processing.js

Divide With Doge-vision, P5

Skip Counting, P5

Make It

NeoPixel LightLogo

Arduino shield
for Neopixel with LightLogo

LightLogo Curriculum

LogoTurtle, with
Josh Burker and Brian Silverman

LilyPad Arduino
E-Textile shirt project

Project How-to

Mars Simulation,
OpenSimulator OAR

Play It

Audio Player, P5

Here Comes Santa, Processing.js

Where Are the Presidents, P5

Stair Ball Game, Processing.js

Matrix, P5


Image fader, Processing.js

Your browser does not support the canvas tag.

Source code: imageFader

Built with Processing and Processing.js

Hexadecimal values
for the Super Cricket
microcomputer LED display, JavaScript

The Super Cricket

Stars: Big Dipper, Processing.js


2003 Flash Banner Ad Assignments

2003 Flash Assignment